iGaming Basics Part 2: The Importance of Player Acquisition For Start-Ups

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Why Acquisition is a Start-Up’s Best Bet

Fact is, the unknown is a bit intimidating to a lot of new online operators who have invested a substantial amount of money. It’s innate to most humans to be terrified of something they are not sure of – the exact reason why a new iGaming company is hesitant in trying to attract new players and showers too much attention on existing customers instead.

While there is nothing wrong with that, it’s important to shift your attention to growing your customer base through new acquisition. You both need both sets of players, and admittedly, it’s more expensive and tedious to sell to new players. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

A solid strategic solution is the key to acquiring new players. New casinos have to come up with propositions that are more attractive than their competitors and this is where the hard part comes in. Because expert skills are needed and there is stiff competition between new and more established companies, a start-up needs to partner with a platform that will help them manage their online casino for better marketing strategies against the bigwigs.

These marketing strategies are often focused on personalizing your needs. So, instead of copying from archaic solutions, you will have access to cutting-edge and more creative promotions to attract new players. As you acquire and nurture them to become loyal customers, you will see that it’s actually more profitable in the long run because you are growing a solid player base.

The Bottom Line

Both new and existing players are equally important to your online casino. While it’s easier to make an existing customer happy, it’s also important to grow your business with new players. You need to make sure that you have data available to find the best strategies to keep them. These data should include their location, bets, the games they frequently play, and how much and how often they pay for deposits.

The best thing about a start-up is the ability to bring a personal touch which big companies are often unable to. A personal touch can include anything from multi-language support to having a 24/7 customer support available to attend to their queries.

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