Advantages of Jackpot to Casino Operators

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If there is such a big risk in offering jackpots to players, why would a casino operator set up a hefty bounty in the first place? Here are the three reasons jackpots are a big advantage to the casino operator:

· You’re up to date with casino trends. Players like to be in the loop of what’s the latest and trends such as live games peak their interest. We all know how highly competitive the gambling industry is. Jackpot games will give you a competitive edge over others who choose not to take a risk.

· You attract players called the jackpot hunters. These are the kind of players that are highly attracted to casin

os that offer jackpots as they would play exclusively for these high-stake games. If your casino offers jackpot, you’ll have these players flocking to you in no time at all.

· You make a name for yourself. In the gambling industry, players usually choose casinos that offer these jackpot games as they are more reputable, as compared to those that don’t offer jackpots.

Types of Jackpot

Just as there is a variety of casino games, there are also different types of the jackpot. It’s important to know the types, so as to attract the right kind of players you want for your casino operation. Here are the five types of jackpots:

· Progressive – This is the type that’s increasingly popular and found in almost all gambling games. With this type, the top prize is increased as the bets keep coming in. This is highly beneficial to operators as a player can only participate if he or she places the maximum bet.

· Double Trigger – This type of jackpot can also be considered as a bonus round wherein the player doesn’t know the amount he or she is going to win.

· Door Prize – A specific number will be assigned to the player who accesses the website and starts playing. For example, there will be a jackpot prize for the thousandth player to enter the website.

· Fixed – Also known as the fixed jackpot, which means that the prize money stays as is and is only replaced when the jackpot is hit.

· Mystery – Players who like the thrill of not knowing what’s at stake tend to lean towards the mystery type of jackpot. This may also be a random payout, not known even to those who play frequently. Only the organizer knows the mystery jackpot.

The Bottom Line

Based on the information above, having jackpot prizes at stake keeps the casino afloat. Many players are always eager to try their luck out and see if it’s their lucky night. Though it can be risky, especially with the large amounts involved, a casino operator can still benefit greatly from having one in place. To risk or not to risk, that’s a question you may ask. Talk to our WagerGun specialists today to make the right decision.

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