A Quick Guide To Casino Software Distribution

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Looking back 20 years ago, the gambling industry was not easy to get into. Back then, operators often needed to have large personal assets or knew someone with connections who can get the required seed capital to start their venture. Nowadays, investors realize how profitable the gambling business is and are prepared to back up operators. But that’s not the only thing that has changed in the industry.

In this article, find out about modern casino software distribution, including the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Casino Soft

Modern software has significantly improved and often ensures that games are being played fairly. Casino soft includes games, modules, scripts, and self-service packages. One of the things that are most attractive to players is the variety of games that are offered to them. This is the reason why 3 games, more or less, are created monthly by leading software providers. For casino operators to be on par with the big wigs, it is important that they need to purchase new games on a regular basis. With a self-service casino, an operator can be independent.

Advantages include support for casino development, an IT team to provide tech support so the operator doesn’t need to waste money on other contractors and make changes from his side as well.

Off-the-shelf Websites

Willing to invest, but hesitant about the hard work? Operators need not have to do much with off-the-shelf websites. These are online casinos that are already launched, have the necessary scripts in place, and practically ready to use.

Advantages of this software distribution option include getting all the rights and becoming the owner after buying the website. What’s more, there are more than a thousand templates that match the casino needs. However, it’s not all easy work as the operator needs to obtain his own license. These websites may not also have all the features they want and the technical support they need, which means they need to shell out extra money should any issue comes up.

Turnkey Casinos

These fully-customized casinos are available for operators who are willing to spend more on top quality casinos. They can choose about 3,000 plus games from some of the world’s leading providers, multi-language and multi-currency features, and functions that are user-friendly.

With turnkey casinos, you will have the advantage of being able to monitor finances, get a tech support team and a license that’s all taken care of. All the operator needs to worry about is the marketing side of the casino. If an operator is in a hurry to acquire one, a turnkey casino is his best bet. Just be prepared to spend more than other solutions.

White Label

If an operator is looking for a least expensive but just as effective software solution, white label casino is one that’s usually ready to launch. This is best for operators who are on a limited time and a tighter budget as compared to turnkey casinos.

The big advantage of such solution is that an operator can have assistance customized website design, the necessary licenses, and even an integrated highly secured-payment system. Like turnkey casinos, they’re also multi-language and multi-currency.

Within six weeks, you have a legitimate casino that’s ready to launch. However, because you depend on the solution contractor, you will have to come to terms that content options are also limited to what the contractor is offering.

Casino Scripts

Operators who are seeking something different from the usual template can greatly benefit from casino scripts. You can buy these scripts from a group of web developers, but it’s crucial that you look for reputable developers to ensure the quality, functionality and easy installation of this software solution.

An operator who’s considering casino scripts can look forward to a unique design that can be used for different websites. The designs, which an operator can create himself, are completely different from the usual cookie-cutter templates. It can be appealing to players who are looking for variety.

The disadvantage of purchasing casino scripts is the high risk. Aside from turning out to be more pricey than expected, you will also be facing an issue wherein you only get the software but no guarantee of a casino launching. Most operators spend more because these scripts would also need a development team and if one doesn’t have a team of his own, he’ll have to seek additional contractors to do the work.

One Last Thing Before You Go…

Like with every investment, all operators must take time to research the best software distribution solutions. Be wary of very cheap products and services. Choose only top-quality professional providers that have a proven track record. With that in mind, you can be sure that your investment will not go to waste and you can look forward to a profitable and successful gambling business.

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