Hosting a Charity Event With a "Casino Theme" in Michigan

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In Michigan, there are numerous methods for nonprofit / charitable organizations to sponsor a”Casino Night / Las Vegas Party”, a fundraising event using a”casino motif”. They’re able to do a State accredited,”Millionaire’s Party”, use a native Charity Poker Room or create their very own Casino themed design / gala occasion

1. Host your event

If a team is a registered charity (i.e.; 501(c) 3 or using a comparable charitable designation), then it is possible to use to the State to get a permit to sponsor a Millionaire’s Party (this permit will lets you sponsor a Texas Hold’Em Poker Tournament too ), very similar to what you may see being performed during summer festivals and events held in several churches across the State. These occasions are like walking right into a”real casino”, wherever your guests bought their chipsplay the many games and after that in the conclusion “cash out” their fries to get cash, redeem them for prizes, etc.

there’s a registration fee of fifty dollars ($50. 00) daily with this permit and you’re able to find a license good for as many as four successive days. Your group you’ll be able to get up to four (4) of those licenses per calendar year. To get this license, there’s extensive paperwork that should be completed and more post-event paperwork to be filed to the State also. You should begin your licensing application procedure as soon as possible, because the State is presently telling people, you need to let at least six (6) to eight (8) weeks to the processing of the program. And as you’re required to get your permit number on all flyers and other promotional materials, you are not likely to market your event till you’ve got your own license. Additionally, you’ll have to adhere to each the State’s regulations and rules relevant to the functioning of the occasion.

The key to this being an effective fundraising event, is that you will need to have your team’s members and fans, appear, take part in the matches, and eliminate money in the matches. The more money they lose, the more money your collection will make.

You may go to the State’s site (see web site address in Section 2 below) to learn more about the best way best to conduct your occasion, to receive your licensing program and a listing of accredited gear providers.

2. Use a neighborhood, Charity Poker Room

Because of the current prevalence of playing Texas Hold’Em Poker on tv, over the past few years several Charity Poker Rooms, have started across the State. A number of these Rooms have gotten so popular, and have such a big following, which they are currently open seven days per week.

If this type of Charity Poker Rooms is present in your region, you may want to check out them. If your team qualifies for a State permit, you may wish to think about working together instead of hosting your event. You will still must adhere to each one these State’s rules and regulations relevant to the functioning of your occasion, however, the Room is going to have the ability to help you through this procedure.

The crucial motive to use such Charity Poker Rooms is that you truly don’t need to be concerned about your band’s members and fans showing up with this sort of an occasion, for this to succeed.

Now this comes a paradigm change… your own members and fans do not need to appear at this design in order for it to succeed! When the Charity Poker Rooms is a well recognized charity poker area, they will have a set of poker players who will appear and perform, regardless of who the charity is. Groups working together with these based Charity Poker Rooms can generally expect to make between $1,000 4,000 per four (4) daily run, which is not too bad of a return for the $200 investment to your permit.

Again it’s possible to go to the State’s site (,4547,7-111-35016–,00.html) to learn more about the best way best to conduct your occasion and to get your permit program.

3. Host a Casino Night / Las Vegas themed celebration / gala occasion

Similar to getting a traditional”dinner / dance, fundraiser”, rather than having dancing because the featured entertainment for the own design / gala, you’d have”just for fun” gambling.

Your guests could pay an entry cost to attend your event / gala, and for this, they’d obtain some type of refreshments, one (1) door cost ticket, a predetermined number of chips or”funny money” and also the opportunity to take part in the”only of pleasure” gaming amusement.

Then in the close of the occasion, your visitors would convert all their”winnings” into further door prize tickets, also you’d have drawings for various door prizes (and all these prizes could have been contributed for a group).

The key to remember here is that because the chips don’t have any monetary worth, and you may not”purchase” extra chips, this isn’t”real gaming” (remember it’s just”just for fun” gambling ), and so a State permit isn’t required.

Also with this kind of event that you need to maintain the focus on having fun, rather than on who’s won the maximum. Bear in mind that with everybody’s entry for your occasion, they obtained one (1) door cost ticket, thus a person could come to your event, not take part in some of the gambling, but may still walk away with a door prize in the conclusion.

And like every conventional fundraiser your organization might run, you are in a position to ascertain the total amount of gain that this occasion will create, as you already understand all your fixed prices (i.e.; refreshments / meals, gambling gear rentals, gain required per individual, etc.), you simply set your entrance price appropriately. Also You’ll Be able capitalize on many additional fundraising opportunities in your occasion, for example selling of gambling sponsorships, selling of specialty beverages in the event, etc.

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