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Anonymous Casino

Some of our potential players are looking for relaxation in betting, but are afraid of the judgment. Let’s face it, it is tough to stay private. Cookies are everywhere on the internet. Banks are looking over your credit card transactions and sharing whatever information they can get with pretty much everyone who asks.

As WagerGun understands that some players don’t want to be affiliated with the betting industry and to overcome the obstacles in some difficult jurisdictions, we come with Anonymous Casino. 

In the anonymous casino, we use layers of protection to guarantee the confidentiality of your players’ data and the safety of their accounts. They are under the strict control of accredited programs that provide full protection of any information about the players. Using our system, withdrawal of winnings for your players is safe, quick, with many payment options range from bank credit card to digital account or e-wallet.

Our system is 100% private and secure, and let them play with any cryptocurrency in total anonymity.

Here is why you should launch an Anonymous Casino with WagerGun:

  • Full control over funds
  • Any crypto currency
  • 100% Crypto 
  • Easy player conversion
  • Easy setup of payments
  • Any country any territoy
  • One-click registration
  • No license restriction
  • Anonymous domain – can not be traced to the owner.