Management System

Management system is part of Wager Gun service. At the beginning of work with WagerGun you receive a ready-made Online Casino consisting of several software modules, each of which can be totally customized to suit your needs and vision of online casino gambling business. Our system is complete and yet simple, we make sure that all of the necessary information for the daily operations are at your fingertips. And even if you need more, we provide data feed access to create your own modules and tools. 

Easily control your revenue system, manage multiple projects, players, and affiliates! 

iGaming Marketing

Marketing Tools

To effectively manage your casino or betting projects and efficiently grow the lifetime value of your customers, we have built a set of marketing tools and management system to our platform. They will help you increase coversion for your acquisition channels, manage customers retention adequately. Together with the data driven intellectual analytical system and neuro-net algorithms you can get any insight on the performance of your project.


The main prize, the main motivators of the game, and a way to attract players to the online casino. On the WagerGun platform, for each online casino it is possible to create an arbitrary number of jackpots of two kinds: fixed jackpot and progressive jackpot.


Our bonus program consists of 10+ bonus variants, generously encouraging both beginners and regular players, allowing them to win even more.

Affiliate Program

Perfect way to attract customers to the online casino. The basic principle of work: a partner helps the casino to bring players, and for this the casino pays the partner a percentage of the transaction or a fixed amount.

Referral Program

Good opportunity to attract additional audience to the online casino using the current player base. A program player-participant receives income by attracting other players to online casino through the distribution of the referral link.

iGaming Design


Wagergun offers a clean and contemporary look to suit a range of purposes casino, betting site or omni-channel solution. Elements have been designed to showcase content in a diverse yet consistent manner.

Multiple templates and layouts and colour scheme for content management system options mean that dramatically altering the look of your site is just clicks away. WagerGun provide full access to all source files of the interface, thus you can redo your casino completely to your taste and for any task. It is also always possible to build something completely uniqe from scratch.

iGaming CRM


To help you manage the players, WagerGun provides you with a comprehensive Customer Relation Manegement modules that track pretty much everything on the platform. Using this, you can learn their activity and study their behaviour.  

We are pretty sure that you would not need any additional instruments, however, if you and your team already like to use some of the solutions, presented on the market – no problem, we can provide you with a special pip-line tool to connect your CRM, Performance marketing or any analytical software.

iGaming Localisation


WagerGun provides 22 ready-to-use languages out of the box:
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanis
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Lithuanian
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • Dutch
  • Turkish
iGaming support


24/7 First Line Technical Support Team, to help your clients with any questions and get your players satisfied. 

Second line Technical support to help your team maintain and manage platform in the most efficient way.

Customer support team will help with any dispute resolution and maintain highest level of player engagement. 

Antifraud and Risk Team  will keep a close eye on any fraudulent activities.

For more information, contact us.