OmniChannel iGaming

Omni-channel is a united gaming experience.ย One user, one account.ย This is the suitable solution for retail, internet cafe, shop, and gas station.ย ย 

For decades, gambling were two disctinct activities, it was always been either or. Omnichannel is a united gaming experience. It is a new payment service, which provide players with a single account, accesible from both physical gaming venues and online platforms. In other words, it bridges players gaming activities offline and online. The account can be topped up at the counter via bank card or with a mobile phone.

For end users, it enables a simple move between online and offline action with a cash deposit option, which is important for those who remain concerned over privacy of their transactions.

For businesses, it provides a tool to connect their land-based and web-based operations, expanding audiences of both as well as creating new marketing opportunities.

The new payment tool is the latest step towards WagerGun visions for bridging all dominant gambling and betting formats within the coherence and universal gaming environments.

With omnichannel, you will empower your customers to move effortlessly between online and offline, expand your client base, and cement the loyalty of your existing patrons.

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Using an advanced design, ATOMIC player account are integrated across all products and channels. The WagerGun omnichannel platform, ATOMIC โ€“ a tailor-made multiplatform solution, merges traditional and internet gambling into one comprehensive enterprise.ย ย 

  • A fully customizable platform
  • Leading products incorporated into platform
  • Legally compliant in many jurisdictions
  • Encourages player registration
  • Increases loyalty
  • Player information accessible through many means
  • Configures to local legislation
  • Promotes use of a single player wallet
  • Useful for both online and traditional enterprises
  • Designed to be intuitive and user-friendly to both operators and players alike

Each whitelabel supports retail player creation and refill functionality. 
You can use retail as main channel of aquisition of your players, convert retail business to online.

  • You can refill players using PIN(Vouchers) Codes by through borwser on PC or Mobile phone, Retail POS, Mobile POS, Mobile + Bluetooth printer
  • You can create and refill players using WGPIN (Vouchers) through browser on PC or Mobile phone, Retail POS, Mobile POS, Mobile + Bluetooth printer
  • You can create and refill players using WGPIN (Vouchers) using W3 CashI-In/ Ticket-out terminal or Chash-in/ Cash-out terminal

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