Security System that Matters

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With serious money at stake in casinos, it is no wonder that gambling establishments have been targets by fraudsters and thieves ever since casinos first came into existence. As gambling slowly but surely moves into the online sphere, internet casinos are fast-becoming hot targets for scammers and hackers. It is therefore essential that the online gambling industry takes the appropriate steps to create safe and secure platforms, for the benefit of both the casino operator and the customer.

Thankfully, major online casinos take cyber threats very seriously. They spend vast amounts of time and money on employing teams of loss prevention officers and other experts to ensure security is as tight as it can be. However, the threat of hacking, stealing data, and DDoS attacks remains a firm concern for them.

So, cybersecurity is an increasingly important issue for online casino operators. Indeed, they are more likely to be hit by fraudsters than real-life brick and mortar casinos. With a more condensed target and a plethora of ways of potentially penetrating the digitised systems, online casinos must continue to be extremely proactive in securing their platforms.

WagerGun uses a cutting edge security modules and system organized to protect your projects against all possible threats including DDOS, fraud, bonus hunter, and malicious injections. The platforms provided by us are secure as our servers are remotely placed overseas.

We utilize SSL certification provided by Cloudflare and DDOS protection from the same institution. Our proprietary anti-fraud module gives you a complete report on potential fraudulent behaviors from players, let you mark and block suspicious players. PCI compliant payments with a solid barrier against any malicious penetration and risk-free stability.

We are also committed to providing you with the highest standard of stability. We continuously optimize all of our systems and platforms—our system downtime is less than 23 minutes per year.

WagerGun is keeping you safe and stable 24/7.

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