Mobile Cashier

Today’s casino service providers may not be that automated yet, but is rapidly evolving to a cashier-less environment – especially by leveraging the power of mobile connectivity. Mobile payments would be the wave of the future, and will change commercial interactions forever. It required re-thinking the merchant-customer relationship, removing the focus away from purely payments, and more to the other aspects of customer brand affinity and experience.

This allowed users buy services like regular video games or casino games, check in with their phone,  get the services they want, and pay out. There are no hassle of wire transfer, close the purchase and change to payment service app, all payment happens in one environment. Mobile cashier services are important for a number of reasons. Perhaps the main one is that it reduces operating costs. 

Real time information on the game, bet, or book are available or in demand can be combined seamless service make game experience more enjoyable because everything is set in one place, no need to change for app to app just to make payment.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council (SSC) has been attentive to the migration to checkout payments on mobile devices. Software-based PIN entry with off-the-shelf devices. Significant shift from security reliant on a physical hardware device to a new standard that allows for an alternative approach to secure PIN entry by isolating the PIN from other data and using a new robust set of security controls. Approaching the implementation of mandates and certifications with a view that it is a starting point rather than endpoint in security will help to ensure a more successful program.

An omni-channel cart powered by a mobile interface allows the combination of services purchases of game, bet, and book into a single seamless transaction, ensuring the end users retains loyalty to the game provider. 

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